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Boys Club Volleyball Teams Boys Volleyball Clubs (267) 
Boys Volleyball Clubs Club Contact City, State Club Includes
Northern Lights Volleyball Club details Diane Clawson  Tel: 745-2447 Mat-Su, Alaska (AK)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Alaska (AK)
AZ Fear Volleyball Club details Chad Speer  Tel: 602-859-0849 Antehm, Arizona (AZ)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 12's - 18's)
AZ Monsoon Volleyball Club details Ryan Tolman  Tel: 480-208-1317 Chandler, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 16's & 18's)
Club Bam Volleyball Club details Dawna Robson  Tel: 480-861-8618 Chandler, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 18's)
En Fuego Volleyball Club details Jeff Bader  Tel: 480-209-7485 Chandler, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 18's)
Arizona Primitive Volleyball Club details Fred Mann  Tel: 480-893-8521 Chandler, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 14's - 18's)
Victory Volleyball Club details Jeff Grover  Tel: 602-538-8700 Gilbert, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 14's - 18's)
Molten Volleyball Club details Brian Hiapo  Tel: 480-215-6075 Gilbert, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 12's - 18's)
MVC Volleyball Club details Anthony Millanes  Tel: 480-213-9534 Mesa, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 17's & 18's)
MVT Volleyball Club details Stacie Powell  Tel: 480-250-3665 Mesa, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 16's & 18's)
Zia Athletic Volleyball Club details Marideth Nelson  Tel: 623-433-8411 Peoria, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 14's - 18's)
Club Cougar Volleyball Club details Sandy Novak  Tel: 520-760-8511 Tucson, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 16's)
Club Cactus Juniors Volleyball Club details Bill Lang  Tel: 520-906-6668 Tucson, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 17's)
Trojans Volleyball Club details Russell Graham  Tel: 520-327-1205 Tucson, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 18's)
Arizona Premier Volleyball (APV) details Matt Dyck  Tel: 520-444-7231 Tucson, Arizona (AZ)   Boys Club Volleyball Arizona (AZ) (Ages: 14's - 18's)
Blaze Volleyball CLub details Shauna Reed  Tel: 510-816-3362 Clayton, CA   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball CA (Ages: 10-18)
Fresh Start Volleyball Club Inc. details Gigi Tisdom  Tel: 909-569-4257 Diamond Bar, Ca   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Ca (Ages: 12s-18s)
Titan Volleyball details Hanah Kim  Tel: 408-482-5302 Santa Clara, CA   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball CA (Ages: 12's-18's Hybrid, Area, AAU)
Saratoga Sand Beach Volleyball Club details Sheri Hess  Tel: 559-360-1943 Saratoga, CA   Girls Boys Club Volleyball CA (Ages: 13s-18s)
Bay Area Blast Volleyball Club details Richard Feldmann  Tel: 925-969-9236 Walnut Creek, CA   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball CA (Ages: 16s - 18s boys and 12s - 16s girls)
IMUA Volleyball Club details Jason Companion  Tel: 8312382362 Marina, California   Girls, Boys, Adults Club Volleyball California (Ages: 12's-18's)
Island Volleyball Club details Jeff Silverman  Tel: 510-523-8875 Alameda, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 18's)
USYVL Aliso Viejo details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Aliso Viejo, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Riptides OC Volleyball Club details Rhonda Jackson  Tel: (949) 293-2555 Anaheim, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA)
USYVL Arroyo Grande details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Arroyo Grande, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Camarillo details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Camarillo, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Main Beach Volleyball Club details Jan Furman  Tel: 831-345-1441 Capitola, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12-18's (Girls), 14, 16,18 (Boys))
USYVL Carlsbad details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Carlsbad, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL San Diego details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Carlsbad, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Claremont details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Claremont, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Clovis Volleyball Club details John Jay Buchanan  Tel: 327-3000 Clovis, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18's)
Diablo Valley Volleyball Club details Sean Stratton  Tel: 925-451-6581 Concord, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18's (Boys), 12-18's (Girls))
USYVL Culver City details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Culver City, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Cupertino details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Cupertino, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Silly Volleyball details Steve & Dawnis Guevara  Tel: 408-864-8555 Cupertino, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
USYVL Duarte details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Duarte, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL El Segundo details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 El Segundo, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Folsom details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Folsom, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
TCA Volleyball Club Fountain Valley details Neil Mason  Tel: 949-706-6963 Fountain Valley, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
Endline Volleyball Club details Daniel Kwon  Tel: 510-206-6136 Fremont, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16's (Boys), 14-18's (Girls))
Fresno Volleyball Club details Roy Verduzco & Fran Mazzei (Girls)  Tel: (559) 439-7916 Fresno, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18's (Boys), 12-17's (Girls))
USYVL Goleta details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Goleta, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Hermosa Beach details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Hermosa Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Surf City Volleyball Club details Tim Johnson  Tel: 714-924-3327 Huntington Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
The HBC Boys Volleyball Club details Adam Cutrell  Tel: 714-924-3327 Huntington Beach, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18)
Seacliff Volleyball Club details Beau Peters  Tel: 714-376-1471 Huntington Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18)
Ohana Athletic Club VBC details Jimmy Munoz  Tel: 714-642-3203 Huntington Beach, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA)
Las Playas Volleyball Club details Matthew Carlin  Tel: 949-697-6558 Huntington Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
USYVL Irvine details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Irvine, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
La Jolla Volleyball Club details Barbara Birnbaum  Tel: (858) 353-2272 La Jolla, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 8-17)
Club Heights Volleyball details Lisa McDaniel  Tel: 323-250-3388 La Puente, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
900 Squarefeet Volleyball Club details Lance Stewart  Tel: 949-280-5370 Laguna Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
USYVL Laguna Niguel details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Laguna Niguel, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Laguna Beach Volleyball Club details Michael Soylular  Tel: 949-582-0122 Laguna Niguel, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12-18)
USYVL Lake Elsinore details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Lake Elsinore, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Lake Forest details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Lake Forest, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Orange Coast Volleyball Club details Jim Kearney  Tel: 949-433-0730 Lake Forest, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA)
Renegades Volleyball Club details Kris Johnson  Tel: 925-580-1897 Livermore, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18's)
USYVL Lompoc details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Lompoc, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Highline Volleyball Club details Randy Totorp  Tel: (562) 843-9381 Long Beach, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18)
Quest Volleyball Club details Aric Anderson  Tel: 714-924-5297 Long Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
USYVL Long Beach details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Long Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Los Gatos details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Los Gatos, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Northern California Volleyball Club -NCVC details Robert McNutt  Tel: 530-613-2612 Meadow Vista, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18's)
USYVL Misson Viejo details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Misson Viejo, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Monterey Bay Volleyball Club details David Swartz  Tel: 831 521-7146 Monterey, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 18 (Boys), 14-18's (Girls))
Achieve Volleyball Club details Matt Shubin  Tel: 310-383-8317 Moorpark, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12s-18s)
USYVL Moorpark details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Moorpark, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Morgan Hill details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Morgan Hill, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Mountain View details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Mountain View, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
MVVC (Mountain View Volleyball Club) details Mike Rubin, Brian Wahl Moutain View, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18's)
USYVL Murrietta details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Murrietta, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Newbury Park details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Newbury Park, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Balboa Bay Volleyball Club details Travis Turner  Tel: 949-584-4901 Newport Beach, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 13's-18's)
USYVL Oak Park details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Oak Park, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Ojai details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Ojai, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Oxnard details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Oxnard, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Palo Alto details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Palo Alto, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Palos Verde details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Palos Verde, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
California Christian Volleyball Club details Scott Stepien  Tel: 949-766-9318 Rancho Santa Margarita, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
Southern California Volleyball Club (SCVC) details Bill Ferguson  Tel: 310-316-4264 Redondo Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
Precision Volleyball Club (PVC) details Mike Yates  Tel: 530-672-1454 Rescue, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18's)
USYVL West Sacramento details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Sacramento, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Sacramento details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Sacramento, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
949 Athletics Volleyball Club details Justin DeBlasio  Tel: 949-374-2890 San Clemente, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18)
USYVL San Clemente details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 San Clemente, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Slainte Volleyball Club details Nga Tran  Tel: 415-595-3039 San Francisco, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12 - 18's)
USYVL San Jose details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 San Jose, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Stingray Volleyball Club details Jason Reid  Tel: (408) 293-6855 San Jose, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 8's - 18's)
Point Break Volleyball Club details Peter Kim San Jose, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14-18 (Girls), 17-18's (Boys))
Apex Boys Volleyball Club details San Jose, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
USYVL San Lorenzo Valley details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 San Lorenzo Valley, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL San Luis Obispo details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 San Luis Obispo, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Peninsula Tribe Volleyball Club details Greg Roberts San Mateo, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18's)
Absolute Volleyball Club details Konrad Ott  Tel: 415-902-5511 San Rafael, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
USYVL Santa Cruz/Aptos details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Santa Cruz, Aptos, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Santa Maria details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Santa Maria, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Santa Monica details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Santa Monica, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Saugus details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Saugus, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Bay to Bay Volleyball CLub details Brad Keller  Tel: 831-439-0801 Scotts Valley, California (CA)   Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 14's-18's)
Seal Beach Volleyball Club details Bob O'Brien  Tel: 562-430-6671 Seal Beach, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
USYVL Simi Valley details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Simi Valley, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL South Fayette details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 South Fayette, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Thousand Oaks details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Thousand Oaks, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Torrance details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Torrance, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
Club V.I.P. Volleyball Club details Ted Babu  Tel: 510-396-4875 Union City, Pleasanton, San Ramon, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 16-18's)
USYVL Upland details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Upland, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Valencia details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Valencia, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Ventura details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Ventura, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
High Caliber Volleyball Club details Cynthia McGraa  Tel: 760-983-5858 Victor Valley, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA)
Pinnacle South Volleyball Club details Dave Weiland  Tel: 925-457-6230 Walnut Creek, California (CA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 12-18's)
USYVL West Hills details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 West Hills, California (CA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball California (CA) (Ages: 7-15)
303 Volleyball Club details Erik Rhee  Tel: 720.530.5940 Greenwood Village, Colorado (CO)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Colorado (CO) (Ages: 13's Boys - 16's Girls)
Mizuno East Volleyball Club details Mark Fishman Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT)   Boys Club Volleyball Connecticut (CT)
Husky Juniors Volleyball Club details Pat Ryan Windsor, Connecticut (CT)   Boys Club Volleyball Connecticut (CT)
Florida Georgia Elite Volleyball Club details Sandra Dawson  Tel: 904-450-2601 Yulee, FL   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball FL (Ages: 10's-18's)
Doral Volleyball Academy details Leonardo Rivera  Tel: 786-970-8504 Doral, Florida   Girls, Boys, Adults Club Volleyball Florida (Ages: U5, U6, U7, U8, U9, U10 Thru Adult)
Ocean B Volleyball details Mike Zarate   Tel: 561-351-4270 Boynton Beach, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Synergy Volleyball Club details Bryan Carver  Tel: 813-425-5554 Brandon, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Hernando Juniors Volleyball Club details Paul Schillinger  Tel: 352-544-2604 Brooksville, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Florida Sons/Suns Volleyball Club details James McHugh  Tel: 954-989-4285 Davie, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Longwood Volleyball Club details Russel Williams  Tel: 407-782-2083 Debary, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Mizuno Volleyball Academy details Rick Reyes  Tel: 954-647-0702 Deerfield Beach, Florida (FL)   Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Power Volleyball Academy details Maria Hardwick  Tel: 386-785-5174 Deltona, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
USA South Volleyball details Landon Thomas  Tel: 239-948-3649 Estero, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Vision Volleyball Club details Stephanie Wyatt  Tel: 352-514-3073 Gainesville, Florida (FL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Florida (FL) (Ages: 10-17's)
Jacksonville Juniors Volleyball details Adis Imamovic  Tel: 904-854-2323 Jacksonville, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Jupiter Volleyball Club details Carlos Descalzo  Tel: 561-523-3974 Jupiter, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
All Star Volleyball Club details Kelly Barlow  Tel: 561-255-8014 Lake Worth, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Cape Coast Volleyball Club details Connie Denaburg  Tel: 321-453-2885 Merritt Island, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Holy Cross Crusaders Volleyball details Beverly Thompson  Tel: 305-893-0851 Miami, Florida (FL)   Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Miami Matadors Volleyball Club details Greg Villareal  Tel: 505-929-1151 Miami, Florida (FL)   Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
VPA Volleyball Club details Camilo Gaitan  Tel: 786-255-4389 Miami, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Marion County Juniors Volleyball Club details Jimmy  Collins  Tel: 352-427-1846 Ocala, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Orlando Gold Volleyball Club details Mitch Sadowsky  Tel: 407-226-0188 Orlando, Florida (FL)   Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Florida Palm Bay Juniors Volleyball Club details Qi Wang  Tel: 321-766-4686 Palm Bay, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Volleyball Institute of Palm Beach details Shanon Lewis  Tel: 954-304-6630 Palm Beach, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
IMUA Ohana Volleyball Club details Norinne QuinsaatSuzuki  Tel: 954-600-9873 Plantation, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys, Adults Club Volleyball Florida (FL) (Ages: 10U thru 17U and Adults)
Sham-Roxz Volleyball Club details Joe Keenan  Tel: 772-283-1222 Stuart, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Ohana Volleyball Florida details Mililani Quinsaat-Suzuki  Tel: 954-657-8216 Tamarac, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Tampa Bay Juniors Volleyball Club details Lauri Dagostino  Tel: 239-209-2193 Tampa, Florida (FL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Florida (FL)
Lanier Volleyball Club details David Peake  Tel: 478-951-0928 Lanier, GA   Girls Boys Club Volleyball GA (Ages: 8-18)
Southern Storm details Brian Teague  Tel: 404-229-9898 Atlanta, Georgia (GA)   Boys Club Volleyball Georgia (GA) (Ages: 10s, 12s-18s)
OHANA details Steve Messig  Tel: 770-867-3468 Northeast Georgia, Georgia (GA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Georgia (GA) (Ages: 12s-18s, Boys 16, 17)
Sports Performance Volleyball Club details Rick and Cheryl Butler  Tel: 630-898-6400  Aurora, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Sports Elite Volleyball Club details John Wierzbicki  Tel: 630-898-6400  Barrington, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Chicago Bounce Volleyball Club details Blake Orlov  Tel: 847-791-1020 Buffalo Grove, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
TNT Volleyball Club details Barb Clark  Tel: 847-731-6648  Buffalo Grove, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Side-Out VBA details Toni Walters  Tel: 630-736-8391  Carol Stream, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Team Pineapple Volleyball Club details Rhyen Staley  Tel: 217-779-2940  Channahon, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
D1 Chicago Volleyball Club details Andrea Davis  Tel: 708-717-3774 Chicago, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Raw Urban Volleyball Club details William Flores  Tel: 773-255-8158  Chicago, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Powerhouse Volleyball Club details Joel Anderson  Tel: 773-769-3980 Chicago, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Buddha Volleyball Club details Jeanine Yepez  Tel: 312-316-1824 Chicago, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
CVC Volleyball Club details Adolfo Garcia  Tel: 773-788-0549 Chicago, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Altitude Volleyball Club details Mike Mazur  Tel: 219-365-1420 Crown Point, IN, Crete, IL, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Sky High Volleyball Club details Scott Harris  Tel: 815-356-0006  Crystal Lake, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Adversity Volleyball Club details Mike Hulett  Tel: 847-635-0357 Des Plaines, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Tigers Volleyball Club details Tom Carioscio  Tel: 708-476-7287  Downers Grove, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Illinois Performance Volleyball Inc. (IPV) details Patti Smith  Tel: 630-969-8041 Downers Grove, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
USYVL Elgin details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Elgin, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL) (Ages: 7-15)
Adversity South Volleyball Club details Michael McDermott  Tel: 847-571-8200 Evanston, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Top Flight Volleyball Club details Cindy Gritzman  Tel: 630-606-1342  Gilberts, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Excel Volleyball Club details Roman Marushka  Tel: 847-724-2037 Glenview, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Strength Volleyball Club details Rolly Keenan  Tel: 800-941-0373  Gurnee, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Uno Volleyball Club details Terri Baranski  Tel: 815-791-2626 Joliet, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
H.A.C. Heat Volleyball Club details Carol Dicksen  Tel: 815-834-2443 Lockport, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Rolling Thunder Volleyball Club details Peter Miramonti  Tel: 847-540-0487  Long Grove, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Net Force Volleyball Club details Tom Cote  Tel: 815-385-8046 McHenry, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
F.O.C.U.S. Sports, INC details Dominic Di Silvio  Tel: 847-956-0612 Mt Prospect, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Naperville Volleyball Club details Dan Ames  Tel: 630-776-7104  Naperville, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Fury Volleyball Club details Chuck Thorp  Tel: 815-592-8136 New Lenox, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Rally Force Volleyball Club details Sally Kempton  Tel: 630-330-3504  North Aurora, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Cyclones Volleyball Club details Tolis Koskinaris  Tel: 630-730-1464 North Aurora, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Crusader Volleyball Club details Dan Dwyer  Tel: 708-424-9878 Oak Lawn, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Southwest Chi-Town Volleyball Club details Richard Farrahi  Tel: 708-570-4026 Orland Park, Illinois (IL)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL) (Ages: 12-18's)
Attack Volleyball Club details Pam Campbell  Tel: 708-460- 5697 Orland Park, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Avalanche Volleyball Club details Nicole Andersen  Tel: 815-931-2238 Oswego, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Spartan Boys Volleyball Club details Wayne Fitts  Tel: 815-715-5068  Romeoville, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Circus Boys Volleyball Club details George Sherman  Tel: 847-975-7684 Schaumburg, Illinois (IL)   Boys Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Volleyball, Inc details Dottie Fields  Tel: 708-655-5003 Westchester, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Lions Volleyball Club details Sue Keck  Tel: 708-246-2543 Western Springs, Illinois (IL)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Illinois (IL)
Irish Junior Volleyball Club details David Neal  Tel: 317-920-2600 Fortville, Indiana (IN)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Indiana (IN)
Ultimate-Chicago Boys Volleyball Club details Keith Kujawa  Tel: 815-469-1844x207 Frankfort, Indiana (IN)   Boys Club Volleyball Indiana (IN)
Southwind Volleyball Club details Rachel Magana  Tel: 913-515-7757 Kansas City, Kansas (KS)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Kansas (KS) (Ages: 10, 11, 12, 13, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18)
KC Sports details Art Stone  Tel: 913-390-5744 Olathe, Kansas (KS)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Kansas (KS) (Ages: 11, MJ2, 13, MJ3, 14, 14, 15, 15, 16, 17)
Louisville Fury Volleyball Club details Ward Lotze  Tel: 502-548-6638 Louisville, Kentucky (KY)   Boys Club Volleyball Kentucky (KY)
USYVL Pasadena details Katherine  Ahlers  Tel: 888-988-7985 Pasadena, Maryland (MD)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Maryland (MD) (Ages: 7-15)
Western Mass Volleyball details Roxann Link   Tel: 413-772-6479 Holyoke, Massachusetts (MA)   Boys Club Volleyball Massachusetts (MA)
NOR'East Boy's Volleyball Club details Tony Hajjar  Tel: 978-689-4106 Methuen, Massachusetts (MA)   Boys Club Volleyball Massachusetts (MA)
Mass Rovolution details Linda Zacchilli  Tel: 508-473-2783 Milford, Massachusetts (MA)   Boys Club Volleyball Massachusetts (MA)
Beantown Volleyball Club details Peter Maier  Tel: 508-376-2652 Newton, Massachusetts (MA)   Boys Club Volleyball Massachusetts (MA)
Huron Valley Volleyball Clubs  (09) details Rody Foco  Tel: 734-975-0362 Ann Arbor  , Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Coldwater Volleyball Club details Kent Neitzert  Tel: 517-278-4148 Coldwater, Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Carpe Diem Volleyball details David Vander Meer  Tel: 616-458-DIEM Grand Rapids, Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Lansing Area Volleyball Association details Casey  Thompson  Tel: 517-483-1232 Lansing  , Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Hangtime Volleyball Club details Bob Sells  Tel: 989-633-4667 Midland, Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Kaepa Krush Volleyball Club  details Dennis  Cooper  Tel: 574-298-0898 Niles  , Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Michigan Elite Volleyball Club  details Brandon  Parsley  Tel: 586-264-3101 Warren, Michigan (MI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
FaR Out Volleyball Club  details Megan Garner  Tel: 616-717-1116 Wayland, Michigan (MI)   Boys Club Volleyball Michigan (MI)
Vegas Volleyball details Robert Rios  Tel: 702-481-0816 Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Nevada (NV)
USYVL Reno details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Reno, Nevada (NV)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Nevada (NV) (Ages: 7-15)
CHARGERS Volleyball Club details Amable   Tel: 973-650-7017 Fords, New Jersey (NJ)   Boys Club Volleyball New Jersey (NJ) (Ages: 17 18 )
Warren Juniors Volleyball Club details Fred Siegle  Tel: 732-513-0917 Freehold, New Jersey (NJ)   Boys Club Volleyball New Jersey (NJ) (Ages: 14 15 16 17 18 )
WarriorsVolleyball Club details Gary Handsford  Tel: 732-522-1527 Rahway, New Jersey (NJ)   Boys Club Volleyball New Jersey (NJ) (Ages: 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 )
NY Kerala Spikers details Binchu John  Tel: 646-584-6859 Bellerose, New York (NY)   Boys Club Volleyball New York (NY) (Ages: 16)
Long Island Volleyball Club Boys details Marilyn Maccio  Tel: 631-242-8298 Dix Hills, New York (NY)   Boys Club Volleyball New York (NY) (Ages: 10 14 15 16 17 18 )
USYVL Rochester details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Rochester, New York (NY)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball New York (NY) (Ages: 7-15)
Ocean County Volleyball Club details Scott Binkley  Tel: 732-278-7206 Toms River, NJ   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball NJ (Ages: 12's-18's)
Ocean County Volleyball Club details Scott Binkley  Tel: 732-278-7206 Toms River, NJ   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball NJ (Ages: 12's - 18's)
Vanguard Volleyball Club details , Ohio (OH)   Boys Club Volleyball Ohio (OH) (Ages: Junior)
Cincinatti Attack Volleyball Club details Barry Silber Cincinatti, Ohio (OH)   Boys Club Volleyball Ohio (OH) (Ages: 15-18's)
Matchpoint details Jeanne Colpus  Tel: 614-546-7091  Columbus, Ohio (OH)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Ohio (OH)
Oregon Volleyball Academy details Emily Riley  Tel: 805-390-9258 Bend, Oregon (OR)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Oregon (OR) (Ages: 14, 16)
USYVL Lake Oswego details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Lake Oswego, Oregon (OR)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Oregon (OR) (Ages: 7-15)
NW Volleyball Academy details Peter Fukuchi  Tel: 360-977-3303 Portland, Oregon (OR)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Oregon (OR) (Ages: 12, 14, 16, 18 & Boys)
Alpine Volleyball Club details Richard Haner  Tel: 503-201-3386 Portland, Oregon (OR)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Oregon (OR) (Ages: 12-18's (Girls), 16's (Boys))
Altoona Boys Volleyball Club details Altoona, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Beaver Valley Premier Volleyball Club details Glenn Freed  Tel: 724-251-9646  Baden, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA) (Ages: 14's-18's)
Herd Volleyball details Carlisle, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
C.A.V.E. details Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Printmailsys details Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Triad Volleyball Club details Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Mountain View Volleyball Club details Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Panther Juniorvolleyball details Ivyland, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Doc Hollidays details Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Lava Volleyball Club details Lancaster, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Damon's Volleyball Club details Landisville, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Totally Xtreme Volleyball Club details Lebanon, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Lehigh Valley Junior Boys Volleyball Club details Macungie, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Tool City Volleyball Club details Greg Donor  Tel: 814-967-4476  Meadville, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA) (Ages: 12's-18's)
Eagle Volleyball Club details Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
South Jersey Volleyball Club details Melrose Park, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Topton Volleyball Club details Mertztown, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
R&B Volleyball Club details New Freedom, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
New Oxford Juniors Organization (Nojo) details New Oxford, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Philadelphia Boys Volleyball Club details Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Big Ups Volleyball Club details Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
United Volleyball Club details Charlie "FERN" Fernandes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Pitt Elite details Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
USYVL Pittsburgh details Diana  Presta  Tel: 888-988-7985 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA) (Ages: 7-15)
First Capitol Usa details Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Sandlot details Sewickley, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
AIVA Volleyball Club details Shelocta, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Reiffton Volleyball Club details Shillington, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Nittany Elite Volleyball Club (NEVC) details State College, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Highland Elite Volleyball details State College, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Wave details Trafford, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Papertown Volleyball Club details Wrightsville, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Red Rose Volleyball Club details Wyomissing, Pennsylvania (PA)   Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Yorktowne details Steve and Jody Covert  Tel: 717-927-9161 York, Pennsylvania (PA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Pennsylvania (PA)
Ocean State Spikers details Claire Baggesen  Tel: 401-461-7516 Cranston, Rhode Island (RI)   Boys Club Volleyball Rhode Island (RI)
Club South details Jimmy Peden  Tel: 864-576-3700 Spartanburg, SC   Girls, Boys, Adults Club Volleyball SC (Ages: 10s-18s)
Gulf Coast Volleyball Association details Victor Clifford  Tel: 832-928-4120 Friendswood, Texas (TX)   Boys Club Volleyball Texas (TX)
Houston Volleyball Academy details Sean Carter  Tel: 832-651-1000 Houston, Texas (TX)   Boys Club Volleyball Texas (TX)
Houston Volleyball Academy details Sean Carter  Tel: 832-651-1000 Houston, Texas (TX)   Boys Club Volleyball Texas (TX)
Westside Wranglers Volleyball Club details Jeremy Curtis  Tel: 713-783-1620 Houston, Texas (TX)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Texas (TX) (Ages: 12's-18's)
Thunderstruck Volleyball details Edie McDaniel  Tel: 512-484-0392 Round Rock, Texas (TX)   Boys Club Volleyball Texas (TX)
Utah Elite Volleyball Club details Lori Richards  Tel: 801-228-8665 Orem, Utah (UT)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Utah (UT) (Ages: 12-18)
Mid Atlantic Volleyball Club details STEPHEN PARHAM  Tel: 804-387-3327 MIDLOTHIAN, Virginia (VA)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Virginia (VA)
USYVL Edmonds/Lynnwood details Jorge  Rodriguez  Tel: 888-988-7985 Edmonds, Lynnwood, Washington (WA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Washington (WA) (Ages: 7-15)
USYVL Marysville details Patrick Arnold  Tel: 888-988-7985 Marysville, Washington (WA)   Boys, Girls Club Volleyball Washington (WA) (Ages: 7-15)
Wisconsin Volleyball Academy details B.J. Bryant  Tel: 920-277-0706 Appleton, Wisconsin (WI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Wisconsin (WI) (Ages: 12-18's (Girls), 14-18's (Boys))
Milwaukee Sting details Ted Shulte  Tel: 262-446-9980 Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI)   Girls,Boys Club Volleyball Wisconsin (WI) (Ages: 10's-18's)
Pewauke Volleyball Club details Dawn Vogelsang  Tel: 262-544-5345 Pewaukee, Wisconsin (WI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Wisconsin (WI) (Ages: 10's-14's)
West Allis Lightning Volleyball Club details  Tel: 414-213-8649 West Allis, Wisconsin (WI)   Girls, Boys Club Volleyball Wisconsin (WI)
Capital Volleyball Academy details Mark Rushton  Tel: 608 628 1138 West Mills, Wisconsin (WI)   Girls,Boys Club Volleyball Wisconsin (WI) (Ages: 11's-18's)

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