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About the Volleyball Club Directory

The Volleyball Club Directory is owned and operated as a free service by Club Volleyball Gear.

Why the online Volleyball Club Directory exists.  My wife and I wanted to get our girls involved in Volleyball and had a tough time finding local Volleyball Clubs. There was a ton of stuff on the web but not much of it was organized or easy to search.

The whole experience left me frustatrated so... I decided to do something about it. I created the online Volleyball Club Directory so that your experience in finding local volleyball clubs would be better than mine. I hope you find it helpful.

The USA Volleyball Association had great detail on lots of Volleyball stuff but there was no obvious link to the USA Volleyball Regions. These regions run the local club volleyball programs. Each Region is its own entity, and our region (NCVA) does not publish a public club directory that we could find. Finally my wife and I also asked other Volleyball parents about local club volleyball teams and they were nice enough to provide a list of teams they knew of. This process took a lot of time and extra effort but we finally found some great local club teams, our daughter tried out and made a team, and she's now very happy having fun, making new friends, and playing Volleyball.

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